Important Announcement

Tuesday 14th April 2020

Dear Friends

As we face an additional fortnight of lockdown, please do not despair, this is a time for the earth to heal, for Mother Nature to return in her true colours again.

It is a time of Peace, solitude, reflection, and we will awaken with a better understanding and appreciation of life in all its wonders.

However, this does not make it any easier to get your cargoes onto the water or in the air.

I am engaging with the President, the Ministers of Trade & Industry and Transport, to remove the current restrictions placed on export containers, in the light of this extension.

As exports are one of the main contributors to the Western Cape economy, we need to reset the start button as a matter of urgency.

The demand for our products, manufactured and agricultural, will be in even greater demand due to our weak currency, let alone the quality.

Currently, there are many grey areas as to the export of ‘essential goods’ and the regulations/restrictions differ from shipping line to shipping line

We have a team working tirelessly behind the scenes keeping our website up to date, and I am personally available throughout the lockdown period.

Call me, drop me an email, WhatsApp me, should you require any assistance with moving your cargo over the next fortnight!

Stay safe! Stay well Stay home!

We’re in this together!

Warm regards,
ECWC Chairman

Established for well over 40 years, The Exporters Club assists the business community by hosting monthly functions to enable our members to be kept up to date with current events taking place within the global market place be they commercial or financial.

We give our members a forum to voice their concerns or give input on a variety of topics relative to the export industry, by networking with the major role players within the industry.