Important Announcement

Tuesday 29th of September 2020

Dear Friends

As we enter level one, it is time to reflect on where we have come from as a Club and where are we going to.

Even though we started out with the strictest COVID-19 regulations on Friday 27th March, and during the 1st 36 days, it felt like life itself had stopped, we could even see clear skies and hear birds chirping, we just could not work!

Then on 1st May we moved into level 4, and for 31 days, we held our breath, and our wine exporters held onto their stocks, then, level 3 on 01 June, heralded change.

The only problem was by now the Port of Cape Town had such a backlog and so many delays, it was malfunctioning.

On Thursday 18th June, all the relevant stakeholders and port users got together, under the auspices of the Port Captain, Mpumi Dweba Ketana, to meet virtually every Tuesday & Thursday morning to address and resolve the issues facing the Port. This was to be our new normal, and in fact, it was only within the last week that we now meet only once a week, so successful has this been!

Besides this, the President was addressed on numerous occasions, not only obo of our wine exporters, but for all our exporters, being a mainstay of the Western Cape economy.

As our social get togethers have been curtailed up until now, we plan to open within the next few weeks, and hosting at least 2 functions within the next 2 months – watch this space!

On reflection, the ECWC co-hosted our 1st virtual function on 8th July with Hong Kong Trade Development Council; with WESGRO on the importance of air cargo exports, and addressed the SA/Nigerian Chamber of Commerce earlier this month.

The ECWC represented industry, wrt tariff negotiations, with the Ports Regulator for 2021/22, and has been privy to the Commissioning & Handing over of the AfCFTA Secretariat to Accra, on 17th August – an historical moment in the history of our Continent.

COVID-19 has changed our lives, and brought us to the realisation to have FAITH, not FEAR!!!

See you soon!

Warm Regards

Exporters Club Western Cape

Established for well over 40 years, The Exporters Club assists the business community by hosting monthly functions to enable our members to be kept up to date with current events taking place within the global market place be they commercial or financial.

We give our members a forum to voice their concerns or give input on a variety of topics relative to the export industry, by networking with the major role players within the industry.